Upcoming IN Idlewild

Sat. June 22nd

R&B In The Wild
Please join us for an unforgettable music experience on the historic beach of Idlewild. Featuring a host of recording R&B and Soul artist.
(Tickets also available for purchase at the event gate)
*No refunds due to inclement weather

July 13th + August 10th

Education In The Wild
McClure-Rabb Idlewild Foundation will bring universities, community colleges and trade schools to the Wild to talk to students and adults about continued education every summer at the beach. We will also include activities for children and adults. This includes: DJ, Water activities Kayaking, fishing, water safety, food, snacks and beverages. Education can change the future for Idlewild and surrounding areas, we want to show the community and other locations the options that are available for growth. Children are the future of Idlewild, We plan to embrace, educate and continued activities to come.

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